A denture is made for natural-looking replacements for real teeth that are removable. There are two types of dentures: full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures are given to patients when all of the teeth are removed. Some call them artificial teeth, new dentures are made with the approval of the American Dental Association.

Partial dentures are attached to a metal framework that is connected to your natural teeth or remaining teeth and is used to fill in where permanent teeth from the upper or lower jaw have been removed.

Just like natural teeth, dentures need to be properly cared for. Use a gentle cleanser to brush your dentures, always keep them moist when they’re not in use, and be sure to keep your tongue and gums clean as well. Eschenbach Family Dentistry offers different kinds of dentures in Roanoke VA that are approved by the American Dental Association.

How to Clean and Safely Store Dentures

Dentures require daily cleanings with products specifically created for them. Cleaning with a soft-bristled brush keeps them looking fresh and reduces the potential for bacteria growth and associated health concerns that may arise. Cleaning dentures will also make your mouth healthy, and to ensure your oral health, these steps can help:

  • Clean your partial dentures or complete dentures with a special soft bristles toothbrush and soak them in a cleansing solution or water daily. Remove the denture adhesive for it may cause an ill-fitting denture in the future.
  • Gently brush to remove food particles because it will cause tooth decay.
  • Take them out when you sleep.
  • Schedule appointments with a dentist regularly.
  • Make sure to brush the interior of your mouth when your dentures are out.
  • All the surfaces with oral tissues should be clean.

Factors to be Considered when Cleaning your Dentures

It is important to clean your dentures properly. Neglecting to care for your dentures can impact your oral health and your overall health. You may be at risk of developing the following conditions if you do not take care of your immediate dentures, conventional dentures, or any kind of dentures:

  • bad breath
  • altered taste – tongue learn to adopt
  • swelling or developing a sore in your mouth from denture stomatitis
  • pneumonia
  • Improper care can also lead to dentures warping or becoming stained due to harmful chemicals from food or drinks that stay in the denture if we do not wash them properly.

Factors to be Considered when Cleaning your Dentures

  • The cleaning should remove plaque and stains.
  • The products used to clean your dentures should not cause damage to them. This can create complications when wearing them and could cause more bacteria to grow.
  • The cleaning should be antimicrobial.

There are standard denture cleaning practices to help you minimize bacteria buildup and avoid damage to your dentures.

The standard guidelines for cleaning dentures:

  • daily brushing
  • daily soaking
  • removal of dentures at night
  • regular appointments with a dentist

Do not forget about cleaning the rest of your mouth when you take out your dentures to clean them. It would help if you brush the inside of your mouth with a toothbrush to keep it healthy.

Brushing – You need a special toothbrush for your dentures and a cleaner specifically formulated for dentures. Regular toothpaste can wear away denture material and damage them over time. Ask your dentures dentist in Roanoke VA for recommendations or review the different options at the store where you purchase dental hygiene products.

Soaking – Soaking your dentures with denture cleaners will kill bacteria while your dentures soak. You can soak your dentures in water overnight after you clean them if your cleanser’s directions don’t recommend a prolonged soak in the solution. This process will also remove denture adhesives to keep your remaining teeth healthy.

Nighttime break – Take out your dentures at night to give your mouth some relief. This can also minimize the chance that you develop an infection like denture stomatitis or pneumonia.

Dental visits – Schedule appointments with your dentists in Roanoke VA regularly if you wear dentures. Dentists can make sure the dentures fit correctly in your mouth and check for any signs of complications like lesions or changes to your jaw.

Eschenbach Family Dentistry can help you to clean your dentures. We use special instruments like ultrasonic cleansers. This will remove the biofilm that grows on the dentures over time.

Dental Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

  • daily brushing
  • daily soaking
  • removal of dentures at night
  • regular appointments with a dentist

Teeth are important. A healthy set of teeth not only helps you show off a beautiful smile but also helps you maintain good overall health. The absence of a tooth or multiple teeth can make common tasks such as chewing and speaking much more difficult.

Dental Implant

A dental implant is a surgical procedure that is the replacement of tooth roots. Implants provide a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) or removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth remain.

While dental implants work well when replacing a single tooth, they may not be the best option for multiple teeth replacement. However, since a dental implant requires surgery and typically costs more than bridges or dentures, they aren’t right for everyone.

Resin-Retained Bridge

A resin-retained bridge is often much less invasive than a fixed bridge. While a fixed bridge is best for teeth that are relied upon for chewing, a resin-retained bridge can be a good alternative for missing front teeth.

A resin-retained bridge attaches to the neighboring teeth on each side. Although they are known for being less durable than a fixed bridge, they also tend to be much less expensive. To know more about implant retained dentures contact Eschenbach Family Dentistry today!

Fixed Bridge

Quite simply, a fixed bridge bridges the gap between one or more missing teeth. Once the bridge is in place, however, a fixed dental bridge looks feels, and functions like natural teeth do not require removal for cleaning, and is typically much more cost-effective than a dental tooth implant.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures consist of replacement teeth for a small section of missing teeth and look and function as normal. While a removable partial denture is great for chewing and aesthetic appeal, they are far less durable than a tooth implant or bridge and can become uncomfortable when worn for an extended amount of time.

But they are typically the least expensive tooth replacement option available and are easy to repair if any damage occurs.

Removable Complete Dentures

Depending on how many teeth you currently have, removable complete dentures can be fairly invasive and require multiple trips to the dentist.

Unlike a removable partial denture, where only a section of missing teeth is replaced, a removable complete denture is used to replace most, if not all, teeth. While a removable complete denture is both aesthetic and functional, it can be uncomfortable and aren’t to be worn for 24 hours a day.

Consult your Dentist to Find the Best Option for your Natural Teeth

If you’re looking for a way to replace missing teeth, be sure to consult your dentist before making your final decision.

All options presented are reliable and work well for replacing missing teeth, but discussing the options with a professional is the only way to ensure you get the specific treatment you need. We have several options for affordable dentures in Roanoke VA, call Eschenbach Family Dentistry today!