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Hollins Virginia, locally referred as North County, is a popular destination for many people who enjoy its easy access to Roanoke as well including a diverse number of small business of its own. Though the neighborhoods are rather quiet, the Hollins community is in close proximity to the lively nightlife of Roanoke’s urban districts.

Nestled within the Hollins area is Dr. Sean Eschenbach’s dental practice. The people of North County understand that the health of your teeth and mouth is important to the rest of your body. It’s not just about brushing twice a day and making sure you floss at least once, but also about regular checkups with our dentists in order to monitor any potential issues before they get out of hand. And while we’re always ready to help you maintain that healthy smile, sometimes it’s time for cosmetic dentistry as well – whether it’s elective or for treatment purposes! We’ll do everything we can to make sure your smile is as beautiful and healthy as possible

Eschenbach Family Dentistry

Who doesn't love getting their teeth cleaned?

Yeah right!  It is still a regular ritual that keeps your smile precious and your related health strong. We’re happy to provide dental care that’s affordable while still offering high quality treatment! Our team is experienced in treating any type of issue – from cavities or tooth sensitivity, to gum disease or mouth pain. We can even take care of your cosmetic needs, like whitening and porcelain veneers. And if you’re in need of emergency dental care during off-hours, we offer that too!