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Premier Choice for Dental Implants Roanoke VA

Eschenbach Family Dentistry is dedicated to delivering exceptional dental implants in Roanoke, VA. Our specialization in treatments distinguishes us as a top-notch option. If you’re facing the challenge of missing teeth and looking for a solution for tooth replacement, our experienced team is available to assist you with dental implants.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants provide a lasting solution to the challenges of missing teeth. In our dental implant procedures, a surgical intervention replaces missing teeth with artificial tooth roots, creating a stable foundation for a natural-looking and functional tooth replacement. This method has proven effective for most patients targeting concerns across regions, such as the jaw. It has proven effective for many individuals seeking a reliable permanent tooth replacement.

Types of Dental Implants In Roanoke VA

Dental implants solve lost teeth due to injury or disease as people age. These titanium implants act as synthetic tooth roots, surgically placed in the jawbone. A replacement tooth, whether permanent or removable, is then attached to the implant. Permanent teeth feel natural. Applicants who do not smoke have maintained oral hygiene, strong jawbones, and healthy gums free of gum disease are preferred.

Single or Multiple Implants

Implants are versatile. For a single missing tooth, one implant and one replacement tooth work. A few implants can support a permanent bridge if you miss several teeth. Implants can permanently fix a full bridge or denture in your mouth if you’ve lost all your teeth.

Implant Retained Dentures

Regular bridges and dentures aren’t anchored to the bone, making them unstable for eating and smiling. Conversely, implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth, providing a more substantial bite. They don’t depend on neighboring teeth, preserving the health of your natural teeth. While bridges last around seven to ten years, implants usually last a lifetime.

Post-Treatment Care

Consider your replacement teeth to be the same as natural teeth. They require the same daily brushing and flossing and the same amount of regular checkups. Like your natural teeth, the better you care for your replacements, the longer they will last.

Implant Services

Our implant services include:

  • Sinus Lift Augmentation: Losing upper back teeth can cause sinuses to enlarge, hindering dental implant placement. A sinus lift surgery restores the sinus cavity to its standard size, replaces lost bone, and allows dental implant placement. Healing takes about nine to 12 months before implants can be placed in the grafted bone.
  • Autogenous Bone Grafting: When there is no bone in the spots for dental implants, bone from alternate areas of your mouth, like the chin or the rear of the jaw where wisdom teeth used to be, may be transferred and inserted into the lacking region.
  • Implant Site Development: If a tooth is removed because of an infection, it’s common to lose bone around it. In such cases, different types of bone grafting can be done when the tooth is removed. This helps prepare the area for a future dental implant.
  • Computer-Enhanced Treatment Planning: We use special computer software to analyze your dental CT scan in three dimensions. This helps us assess bone quality, quantity, and location for optimal dental implant placement. It also enables smooth collaboration with your restorative dentist to achieve the best outcome for your dental implants.
  • Implant Maintenance: After dental implant restoration, keeping the area clean and infection-free is crucial. Dental implants, much like natural teeth, can accumulate plaque and tartar. Whether you have one implant or several, regular professional cleanings are essential for maintaining your health. The frequency of these cleanings, tailored to meet the specific needs of many patients, ensures the longevity and well-being of your dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants at Eschenbach Family Dentistry:

  1. Permanent Solution: Unlike traditional bridges or dentures, dental implants are long-lasting, permanent fixes for missing teeth.
  2. Natural Function: Dental implants closely mimic the natural function of your teeth, providing a comfortable and seamless experience when eating or speaking.
  3. Healing Period: Following the surgical procedure, a healing period is necessary for the dental implants to integrate with your jawbone. Our team ensures a thorough and supportive recovery process.
  4. Patient Comfort: To provide our patients an experience, we have sedation choices to guarantee a relaxed and stress-free visit while undergoing the dental implant procedure.
  5. Strong Immune System: Dental implants help boost the body’s system, supporting oral health and stability.

Your Journey to a Healthier Smile Begins Here

Are you looking to restore your smile for the long term? Book an appointment with Eschenbach Family Dentistry to start your customized treatment plan, which includes implants. Discover the transformative benefits as we guide you through every step, ensuring a confident and natural-looking smile for years. Experience the comfort of personalized care in a supportive environment with experts in dental implants in Roanoke, VA.