Roanoke, the growing city that provides

Roanoke, at nearly one hundred thousand people is indeed a sizable city. History has it, that Roanoke was exclusively a blue-collar town built around the rail road.  Which incidentally, numerous cities and town throughout America were started around railroad placement.   Roanoke Virginia is this and much more.  Blue-collar labor has been accompanied by white-collar industrial enterprises that make the city and valley known for modern output.

The Roanoke Valley provides what counts

Combining Roanoke with smaller cities Salem, Vinton and Roanoke County, there is a two hundred thousand resident presence.  With that scale of residents, Roanoke is fortunate to host a growing medical services presence.   Including world class dentistry services

Experience and Dedication

Dr. Sean Eschenbach is a family man who is also a Family Dentist.   He knows by experience the variables protecting pediatric, youth and adult oral health.   What goes on in the mouth doesn’t always stay there. I know, that’s proverbial but there are a number of aspects that keep or return your teeth and their support anatomy to their natural best.   Dr. Sean can do so much…. You will be happy with the result.   You can reach his office at 540.384.5844

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