Salem is known as Virginia’s Championship City, famous for hosting some first-class sporting events, mostly held in the Salem Civic Center. The city’s lively downtown has some beautiful historic buildings such as 1845 William-Brown House that now hosts Salem Museum.

There’s something about Salem’s “go getter” leadership that has built an highly respected reputation for hosting athletic events.

  • For years Salem has hosted the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl that represents the NCAA Division III national championship.
  • Salem is home the Salem Red Sox, a minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.
  • The NCAA is holding the Division III Volleyball championship, the Division II Softball championship and the Division III Men’s Basketball Championship.
  • Salem Stadium has hosted the Southwestern Virginia Educational Classic that consists of two football teams from Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Salem is home to Roanoke College and once a women’s college, Elizabeth College which operated in the early 1900s but was severely damaged to fire and closed.

This rather small in size city (incorporated as a city in 1967) has a rather large amount of gumption to be able to host and manage such large annual events while including a prestigious school and many county offices.  One very important entity on the edge of the city is the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center. This alone covers 206 acres.

Doctor Sean Eschenbach

Lots of activities for a city of just over 24 thousand people!

Just like his surrounding communities of Hollins, Vinton and Roanoke proper, Dr. Sean Eschenbach and his dentistry team embrace his Salem patients with “championship” dental care and oral health services.

Its actually easy for Salem residents to get to Dr. Eschenbach’s office. Main Street to Melrose, left on Peter’s Creek Road and go up the road a bit. His office is on the right. His office sign is out front. His expertise is inside. Your dental concerns thus alleviated.