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The Importance of Flossing

Dental hygiene is an essential aspect of maintaining good health. Brushing your teeth is a daily routine that most people are accustomed to, but there is another crucial element to add to your oral care: flossing. Flossing is often overlooked as an important part of oral hygiene, but it is just as critical as brushing your teeth. To better understand the importance of flossing, let’s explore why it should be a regular part of your dental routine.

Prevents Gum Disease

Gum disease is a prevalent dental issue that many people experience at some point in their lives. It is caused by the accumulation of plaque on teeth and gums, which can lead to inflammation, bleeding, and even tooth loss. Regular flossing can help remove plaque buildup and prevent the onset of gum disease. Flossing reaches the areas between teeth and under the gumline where a toothbrush cannot reach, effectively removing plaque and bacteria.

Keeps Teeth Strong and Healthy

Flossing helps keep teeth strong and healthy. When you floss regularly, you remove harmful deposits that erode tooth enamel, making teeth more vulnerable to cavities. Removing bacteria and plaque from between your teeth can also prevent bad breath, which can be caused by the buildup of food debris and bacteria.

Saves Money on Dental Bills

Regular dental checkups and cleanings can be expensive. But, if you floss regularly, you can prevent dental problems from arising, saving you money on dental bills in the long run. Neglecting your oral care can lead to the development of more severe dental problems, such as gum disease, which can require costly dental treatments. By flossing every day, you can save money on dental bills and avoid painful dental procedures.

Improves Overall Oral Health

Poor oral hygiene can lead to other health issues beyond dental problems. The accumulation of plaque in the mouth can lead to bacterial infections and inflammation, which can spread throughout the body and cause other health issues. Flossing regularly can help prevent bacterial infections from developing and keep your body healthy.

Removes Plaque and Bacteria

Flossing helps remove plaque and bacteria from between teeth and along the gum line, which can help prevent cavities, gingivitis, and other dental problems.

Prevents Bad Breath

Flossing helps remove food particles and bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Whitens Teeth

Flossing can help remove stains from between teeth, making them appear whiter and brighter.

Flossing is an essential part of maintaining good oral hygiene. It prevents gum disease, keeps teeth strong and healthy, saves money on dental bills, and improves overall health. By adding flossing to your daily dental routine, you can ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy for years to come. So, the next time you brush your teeth, remember to floss as well!

How often should you floss and when?

The American Dental Association and Healthline advise flossing at least once a day to eliminate plaque, bacteria, and food particles, which can help reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease. In some cases, particularly after eating, you may need to floss more frequently to remove any food or debris that may be trapped between your teeth. As for when to floss, some dentists suggest doing it before brushing so that fluoride from toothpaste can better reach between teeth, while others recommend doing it after brushing. The most important thing is to floss regularly and consistently to maintain good oral hygiene.

What kinds of floss are there?

There are several types of dental floss available, including:

  • Unwaxed floss: This is made of thin nylon strands and is a basic type of floss.
  • Waxed floss: This is similar to unwaxed floss, but it has a light wax coating that makes it easier to slide between teeth.
  • Dental tape: This is a broader and flatter type of floss that is ideal for people with more space between their teeth.
  • Super floss: This type of floss is designed to clean around braces, bridges, and other dental appliances.
  • PTFE floss: This is a special type of floss that is made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) and is considered to be more effective at removing plaque than other types of floss.
  • Flavored floss: Some types of floss come in different flavors, such as mint, cinnamon, or bubblegum, to help make flossing more enjoyable.

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